IBDF Membership

IBDF Membership base comprises of 400+ television channels with 90% viewership and 10 OTT Players with nearly 48% market share.

The IBDF story has unfolded in remarkable ways, through all ups and downs of the past 22 years. IBDF stands ready, willing and able to provide the services that our members need to power their businesses.

As the premier body of Television Broadcasters in India, our members have built a strong foundation for IBDF from which we continue to derive strength today.

The IBDF membership base has expanded over the last two decades from 7 Members in 1999 to 60 Members in 2021 having nearly 400 channels. IBDF members provide channels and programmes that deliver about 90% of television viewership catering to most of India’s diversity and plurality in every language and in every genre of television viewing.

IBDF has recently expanded its scope of activities to bring all digital (OTT) players under one roof.  To facilitate the entry of OTT players, IBDF has set up a separate subsidiary christened, Indian Digital Media Industry Foundation (IDMIF) in October 2021 to drive its digital endeavours. 

Our Members